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In one of the unlimited galaxies of the universe,

there is a peaceful planet called Argoran, one of the planets of the solar group Erods, and there is also the planet Tegua, a warrior of nature, whose leaders decided to attack the neighboring planets to occupy them.
The events of the game revolve around a fierce space war between the leaders of the two planets in an epic series of stages that make The game is more interesting and fun, and it is one of the interactive games and will be built entirely on the principle of virtual reality augmented with metaverses.
You can upgrade your spacecraft through some additions such as weapons and armor with the NFT system that can be bought and sold and convert the loot into real money that you can transfer to your own wallet


What’s in the game?

Erode It is a game whose goal is to turn free time into profits that you can convert into real money by overcoming obstacles and successive stages with the possibility of buying and winning NFT


The universe

The universe is full of galaxies and multiple planets, a group of warriors could challenge the aliens in a battle that lasted for decades through dozens of different stages that give you prizes and rewards through non-fungible tokens (NFT) that you can convert into real money and transfer it to your external decentralized wallet.

You can convert your victories into advanced weapons or advanced stages or withdraw them to make real money



Pre sale. 40%
Liquidity. 20%
Partnership 10%
Marketing. 10%
Airdrop. 10%
Giveaway game 10%

No Special team coins


The Road Map

  • 2022 Q2

    Start up
    Private sale
    Website launch
  • 2022 Q3

    Website update Tokenomics
    Listing on Pinkswap Listing on Pancakeswap
    Listing on MetaMask
    Gameplay trailer
    Partnerships with Nuls
    Staking Launch with Nuls
    Partnership with Nabox
    Partnership with Nerve
    NerveNetwork crosschain bridges to OKX , HECO & NULS
  • 2022 Q4

    NFT Marketplace Launch
    Game development begins
    Expand the partnerships and listings
  • 2023 Q1

    Game development update
    Start the game’s app
  • 2023 Q2

    Full game launch
    Coming soon